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Welcome! And thanks for stopping by! Andiamo means "let's go" in Italian, and as I am very partial to the Italian side of my heritage as well as always on the go with my family of five, it was the perfect name for this little page of mine. 
My  husband Matt makes many an appearance on the blog as my chef and my diy-extraordinare... We've live in Central Pennsylvania but (not so) secretly wish we could pick up our entire family and move south where there are palm trees aplenty. We have three kids, Letteria (11), David (9) and Dominic (6). They are pretty much it in my world because well, I love my kids. Like a lot.
I'm a stay-at-home mom who spends most of her days watching the clock until the kids return from school and plotting whatever adventure we will be off on next. On andiamo you will find an occasional recipe or diy, but mostly just tales of our times as a young family of five, always on the go.
We enjoy spending time with our extended families, doing house project after house project, that after work cocktail, sarcasm and a good laugh, fountain sodas, all things Disney, reading all the books I can get my hands on, tattoos, decorating my house, travelling near and far, daily runs and gym visits, the sun and a good tan, coffee, punctuality, Christmas, watching all the shows and all the good movies and you know, just living life and doing all the things we can in the days we are given!
You can read our different stories here. Andiamo! Let's go!