hersheypark at night

I know we go to Hersheypark when it is dark out a lot in the fall and winter... I mean they don't call it Hersheypark in the Dark for nothing right? But there is just something about going during the summer that makes it different. The weather is infinitely better, for one. And there are no bedtimes. That's huge. 

I dragged Matt along.... Which this may come as a surprise to you all but he doesn't like Hersheypark. I think he is parked out. He doesn't really go on rides so it's more of a support mission. He helps me with Dom and I go on all the thrill rides. So to ease this trip we went to dinner (with drinks!) beforehand. Nothing like eating a ton of food and then riding all the coasters in all the land. I had this amazing steak salad with all the blue cheese and it was seriously just amazing. So if you go to Houlihans in Hershey I am fully vouching for that salad.

Letty was allowed on a new ride for her this night, The Great Bear. She is like riiiiight on the cusp of being the next height category so I guess it depends on who is working the measure stick thingy.... We also got a glimpse of our future as she took off in her little convertible all by her lonesome. I finally put my anxiety aside and took the big kids on the adult swings and yeah no thanks I'll sit that ride out from here on till forever. Not only did it make me want to puke but my anxiety was through the roof.... Those things go high, people. Like, real high. And fun fact? When I got off the ride my iWatch asked me if I was currently swimming... So there's that. 

a week’s worth of little summer things

I have my list, as you can imagine, of things that I want to do this summer. If I did not have a list then things would be missed or forgotten and I cannot allow that. So. Our first week (ish) of summer break and we just hit the ground running with all the little fun summer things! Like hitting up a local restaurant that has quite the deck and a playground right there and hey, island music playing! We also had swim dates with family... We took the kids to a favorite park of their's, it has a zip line and they talk about it alllllll the year long.... We also hit up the Jigger Shop with our family and the park they have there as well.... Our church's "VBS" called Kids Camp is also happening this week..... 

And we are just getting started!

family farm days

We go here every year. And I do wonder why we keep going other than for the free samples and the fact that it's tradition... But those samples are really good! Chocolate milk and ice cream? Plus maybe a side of popcorn? Yes, you ride a tractor through a dairy barn which smells icky and is dirty but hey, these kids need to appreciate the agriculture world right? 

a pretzel tour!

Last week on a rainy day my friend Janelle came up with the bright idea to tour a local pretzel gem with the kids, which as you may know is right up my ally. I went to this once before but honestly didn't remember much from it other than the kids got a free bag of pretzels afterwards. This place is called the Julius Sturgis Pretzel Factory for you locals and it was like, $12 for the tour for my four.

We got a brief history all about the pretzel and then the kids got to twist their very own little pretzel before checking out the ovens and then of course, free pretzels. 

smile fearlessly + a giveaway

For years and years my dentist has been encouraging me to get myself an electric toothbrush. She said it would help my gums (among many other things but that was her particular reason for suggesting it to me, personally)... as some of us (ahem, me) tend to do we nod our heads and then go  home and go on living our lives... just to repeat the entire scenario in six months. Well a few years ago I decided I would finally pick one up at Target... the cheapest one I could find because apparently the health of my gums is at the bottom of my budget priority list. And it's been working... Nothing special about it. Vanilla, if you will.

When Smile Brilliant (do you remember them? They got my teeth all pearly white?) contacted me asking if I would be interested in checking out their cariPRO Ultrasonic electric toothbrush I was super excited! Not just your run-of-the-mill toothbrush here, no! And it even matches my bathroom color scheme so so well!

What else do I love about it? It has five different brush modes, my favorite are the massage and the sensitive settings, because my teeth are as neurotic as the mouth that wears them. It has a thirty day battery life which means I can take it with me on vacation unlike my old brush. It's way cuter and sleeker and easier to clean. I won't even show you my "before" toothbrush - it wasn't pretty. And what else!? A timer to let you know when you've done enough brushing! This is genius! And I say "timer" loosely... the toothbrush simple pauses for a second so you know it's time to move on to another quadrant of the mouth. 

Need to know more? Check out their FAQ page here.