24 hours at the hershey lodge

You know me, when my kids have off school I want to do something. I want to make it special! I don't want to hear their fighting all day over a Minecraft avatar! So for last week's MLK day I thought hey! Let's try something I've heard about pretty much right in our back yard... the water park at Hershey Lodge. And literally the night before my brother-in-law and his family decided to also join us! We headed up after the gym on Sunday and were able to check in (and get our Hershey bars, naturally) right away even though our room wasn't ready yet... 

what i’ve been reading lately

I always love reading posts about what books people have read and whether I should be reading them too so here is my addition to said group. I track the books throughout the year for a reason right? I had a goal of reading a book a week in 2019 and I came in at 57 total for the year so, yay! Trying to figure out how to group these is kind of daunting... but I tried!

our final fun day at sea

Our final day at sea started off great! We went to bed the night prior expecting it to be a cold cold day so we were all so happy that it was warm! Enough to get the bathing suits on a final time! We took the kids to the water slides again and Letty even did the green one! As did I! Once was enough for me though!

a final beach day!

This day was much more organized! There was only one cruise ship at port which was huge. This was Freeport... The damage done to this island during the past hurricanes was something to see! Sad, of course! But to actually see it first  hand and not on the news was wild. They have done a lot obviously, but you can see they were hit hard. We got right on to a double decker open air bus and off we went! The driver was incredible informative but goodness did it feel like we were listing to the left the entire drive. No seat belts or windows oh my! My sister and I were a little anxious... and happy to get to the beach!

nassau and blue lagoon island!

Guess what this private island has? Can you guess? A blue lagoon. That is coincidentally my most favorite of shades of blue. And! Dolphins!!!! But first... getting there! After this pretty sunrise!