school spirit night at the barnstormers

The Barnstormers hosted our school district last week and the kids were all given free tickets to attend… Which we weren’t planning on doing because both boys had baseball games that evening. BUT one day after hearing David’s name on the announcements I discovered he was asked to play with the 7/8 concert band at this game! National Anthem and Take Me Out to the Ball Game. So we immediately rsvp’ed no their games and made plans to watch him perform in the stadium. And my parents came! Of course it was a chaotic night with lots of friends and teachers everywhere but it was such fun! And typically when we go to these games it is hotter than the sun so this was much more enjoyable. 

Oh and that all? David didn’t catch it. Well I guess technically he did but he asked the third basemen for it. And the guy threw it to him. That child!