an easter getaway: easter!

Easter morning! The boys were up before me and waited kindly for me to come down before tearing into the baskets…. I know David knows who the real EB is and I suspect Dom too but Letty still holds steadfast! He is real! They love their matching bathing suits and I love that so much! I’ll take it as long as I can!! We dyed eggs in the morning which is hard when one has to take turn and by hard I mean Dom struggled. We got through that before getting dressed and having our delicious Easter meal! After all that was eaten we took to the beach for an egg hunt! What fun to have an egg hunt on the beach! Well, not really an egg hunt more of an egg scramble because burying eggs sounded daunting. The kids loved every second of it! My dad and brother-in-law left early because of work and such but we spent our Easter evening back at the beach. Soaking it all in! And then we got ourselves a Grotto pizza delivery!