what i’m doing these days…

And now that I wrote the above title I have a certain country song playing in my head…

But anyways! These days! The month of March flew by and with it there was a lot of going out to eat… cousin time and friend time… sports! Baseball and flag football are in full swing! We saw The Hunnchback of Notre Dame at our school and got Italian ice on the first day of spring… more friends. More cousins. More foods. I mean typically this month isn’t one of my favorites but I think we had a great one!

the easter bunny!

Are my kids getting too old for this? Maybe… but we still have two out of three that believe in such things and it is tradition! We go see the Hershey Easter Bunny! With cousins! It is just what we do. And then we ride Chocolate World and Nonna buys these ridiculously large sweet treats. 

I am having a hard time believing that Easter is just around the corner but it is! So close! Time to start getting festive!

24 hours at great wolf lodge

My mother-in-law and her husband had gifted Matt and his two brothers (and families) generous gift cards to be used at Great Wolf Lodge this past Christmas and we got to use them last week for a night in the Pocono location. We left home around lunch and checked in, thankfully our rooms were ready because who wants to change in a wet public restroom? We made it into the water park and the kids were off…. Each in their own direction. It was different this time with the kids being older and dare I say more responsible. They could go on all the rides and slides they wanted to and some of them we adults joined in on. It was Sam’s birthday so he picked Olive Garden for dinner before doing it all over again on Friday. Rinse and repeat. It was a quick 24 hours but the kids definitely got their fair share of water park fun! Thanks Lorie and Jeff!

a pirate party!

Because why not? We have all the Disney cruise pirate gear and well, we love us some pirates in the Olsen household so when my sister brought it up we jumped on it and made it our own! The kids got all dressed up and we had themed snacks and drinks and a movie (Pan) before all the pirates-themed dinner and desserts. I’d like to think the kids had a blast! Argh!

the wiz!

Another Fulton run! Way back in July the Fulton Theater had their Christmas in July sale and so we sort of stocked up on our tickets… although not sure I recommend that because with crazy busy schedules it is hard to be penned in to a certain date. Like Letty and I missed our traditional musical outing with my brother for this show, The Wiz. I had never seen this one before so I was excited. But up first was tutoring for Letty and drinks and foods and walking around the city before we all met up to see the show. The cast was so amazing and they just sang their hearts out! It was opening night, a first for us! So good. Letty especially loved what in her words were the Mamma Mia costumes... the whole seventies vibe is her thing!


I feel like it has been awhile since I have shared anything on here when in reality it has been like.... a week. Just a week where the days are long and then the weeks fly by. That sort of week. We have had some sicknesses that have affected plans (strep and a stomach bug)… lots of basketball… the start of baseball…indoor hitting... More basketball. The playoffs were a week ago and they won! But that meant nightly games and the stress that said games induces on one... There was a birthday celebration or two... Lots of running around and back and forth and then working at the school in between. I am going to be driving the road to and from their schools in my sleep that is to be sure. But someday when I have nothing to do at night I will miss this running around... so they say right? Oh and we got a new sectional for the basement! Big things!