disney cruise: home and sad

I hate goodbyes! The end of vacation. Hate. The end of anything Disney. Double hate. Going back to the cold and leaving the sun and the palm trees behind? Triple hate. But I kept it together! My children however, did not. Lots of tears from our final dinner onwards. The plane took off, tears. The plan landed, tears. Five loads of laundry, tears. Wait that was me. But before all that we had to disembark and wait for our vans to take us to the airport. And then when we got there we had to wait to check our bags because we were so early. Hence the suitcase corral. Then we had to wait in a line to check said bags for over and hour. And then security took almost another hour. And then McDonalds. It was necessary. All to say we had the best vacation and coming home to reality and cold isn’t fun, anyone would agree. Cruise content over and out!!