a morning in leesburg and morven park

After our late night we needed some sleep…. Not past eight am let’s not get too crazy! We got loaded on up and headed into historic Leesburg for some breakfast before we had to be at Morven Park at 10… which is where Laurie Did a Really Stupid Thing. When I purchased tickets to tour the mansion I neglected to pay attention to which Morven I was buying them from. There are more than one, apparently. And we had tickets for the one in New Jersey. And this Morven mansion isn’t open for tours on Thursdays.  The grounds staff felt so bad for us they went and got the director. And then she felt so bad for us she called in the person who does said tours. And that is the story of how we ended up getting an hour long private tour of this gorgeous house. And yes, it was decorated for Christmas!! The girls asked lots of questions and we learned a lot! They wouldn’t even let us pay for the tour! We were so blown away by the entire experience. The staff there is so phenomenal! Go visit if you can! Oh and side note, the other Morven place? They refunded the tickets. Which I promptly donated said money to the correct Morven. Amazing all around. 

After all of that excitement we headed home as Letty had tutoring. We stopped by the Christmas Haus and got a few ornaments since we were literally driving right by it. We got cupcakes and a snack in Lancaster before heading home…. A whirlwind twenty-four hours away!