our thanksgiving

Oh Thanksgiving… already seems so long ago! We got together with my family at my parents’ house for tons of food and crafts and snacks and more food! I think I still may be full. I imbibed in a lot of gluten and definitely regretted that…Of course our elf made his first appearance bearing matching Christmas pajamas… which two of my three don’t make the connection that somehow also match their cousins’ pajamas! This year was extra special for our family… my dad had a really bad scare recently and we just are so thankful that he is here and healthy and well. Love all of this bunch so much!!

the in between

During all the festiveness life goes on! We have been doing all the things! Somehow it has been a month since I have done one of these and my has time flown! Much was done! Getting cozy and festive…coffee at the middle school… a birthday party at Urban Air… Decorating my dear friend’s ice cream shop…an epic taco bar night for Avery’s birthday….more decorating and another birthday party at Urban Air for Evan….a cousin night in and Sense and Sensibility….and volunteering in Letty’s class while they made the Great Wall of China out of graham crzckers!


Virginia, that is. Sunday morning after breakfast we went to the other Air and Space museum for a bit and this time we got to up the observation tower which was fun! Saw some planes land and then walked around the space shuttle before lunch and heading home. 

some time in DC…

After the zoo we headed in to the city to go to some museums… we had tickets for the newly reopened Air and Space museum but the line was wrapped around the block so we decided against that… saw the Washington Monument…. And then headed into the National History Museum for a little bit…. The Fitzs met up with us for a little which was lovely and then we headed to our hotel for the evening! Swimming and all of that. Matt’s brother’s family eventually joined for some pool and then popcorn time!

the time dom saw a panda!

Dom loves himself pandas. Not sure where the whole obsession started but he is a major fan... We had plans to go see some museums in DC this past weekend and so we got it in our heads to go down a little early and see some pandas! And other animals of course! We had the place to ourselves and the weather just couldn’t have been any better!

holiday home tour, the master

Because one must be so extra as to decorate one’s master bedroom am I right? And then that should spill into the bathroom. As one does. I love our bedroom this time of year… all the lights and the coziness with the extra blanket. What a way to fall asleep!

holiday home tour, the basement

I just love our new (ish) basement. I love the light colors and I love the built-ins that Matt made. I love the accent wall that I totally copied off my brother and sister-in-law. I love the simplicity of the decor. I love the neutral colors. It is totally off brand for me but I am here for it. 

holiday home tour, the living room

Its. The. Big. Show. The main tree! My longest running ornament collection on display! There is no theme, unless a theme is An Ornament to Commemorate Every Year and Every Vacation. Because if that can be a theme then that’s what it is. I had a lot of help this year which is great but it also means I didn’t get to relive all the memories as I hung the ornaments…. And let us commence the season of Laurie sitting and staring lovingly at her tree….

holiday home tour, the powder room

Who doesn’t need a little Christmas in your powder room life? The answer is everyone, of course. Nothing too wild in here, but some greens and a few pine cones go a long way! And as always, wash your hands and say your prayers…. Because Jesus and germs are everywhere….

holiday home tour, the kitchen

Is it too much? Then it is too much. But I think it is festive and cozy and full of memories…. When it all comes down it sure feels bare but now it is just overflowing. I haven’t received any cards yet, these are previous years and I just replace them with the new one…. Are Christmas cards a dying breed? I feel like they sort of are and it makes me sad. Like so much it is just becoming a thing of the past…. But for now they live on in my kitchen!! I still need to make my paper bag snowflakes for this space but that is on the coming agenda!

holiday home tour, the reading room

Hang a left and you’re in the room that should be a reading room but is still very much a play room. Or rather… a room where the kids keep a lot of their crap. Some in bins, and some not. We are a work in progress are we not? Maybe I should change it to the Santa room? Because this is where they all go… a Santa for every Christmas we’ve been married which, incidentally, Matt didn’t know I did. Here they reside….

let the holiday home tour begin!

With the foyer!! As one does when entering a home, virtually or not. It was so nice to have a record of my decor this year when my three little elves begged to help me decorate. Historically, this is never allowed. But this year I figured if they wanted we could do one room and that room went so smoothly and quickly we ended up just going on to the next! What normally takes me days went by in an afternoon and you know what was the most helpful tool? This blog. The kids got their iPads out and after stating, what?! You have a blog?! They then promptly found the correct room post and took to decorating! Never thought I’d see the day but here we are. And I think we did pretty great!

our halloween!

As we do…. My entire family comes over… we eat a quick meal and then frantically get the kids in costume whilst sweating and then stumble out into our neighborhood for all the candy. All the things. We do the entire loop…. Stopping along the way at a house or two to pee (thank you friends) and come home with a wagon full of candy. There were a few haunted garages which were fun and quite a lot of well decorated homes to see! Always a fun night although I am sure my husband and brother and brother-in-law may disagree. We missed my dad walking with us this year, not that he minded ha! 

And now… Christmas!

pumpkin carving night!

I love that we are somehow miraculously able to find the time to all get together to do this! May that always be the case!! Nonna hooks us up big time by already doing the messy boys so we can get right down to the art of carving. And I say we because a few of these cousins still require assistance. Some did not and it was amazing! We also did a trial run of our costumes as we do traditionally. The pumpkins and costumes turned out great!

dom’s fall party

I’m room parent, as I’m sure you can imagine (does no one else want this job? They may have it, I assure you!)…. Lst week was his first party of the year. Games and a craft… lots of snacks. I think it went well! You’d think by now I wouldn’t care but these things stress me out! 

all the stops on a fall day!

On the second day away we really only had one stop on our agenda but that quickly changed…. First Harper’s Ferry and lunch, then the Grotto… followed by Gettysburg and coffee. What a way to road trip!