the first day of school!

How did this happen? Didn’t we just have our last day of school with a fourth grade graduation? Weren’t we just in the Outerbanks? And somehow despite all my protestations, the first day of school arrived. Everything was prepped the night before… outfits laid out and lunches packed… I hate packing lunches and I haven’t had to since march of 2020 as our district provided free hot lunches…. This is a trigger for me. But they were ready. One of three excited…. But all three of three ready. I hope that this fifth, sixth and second grade year is a good one. A safe one. A normal one. I hope that each kid wants to go and has good day after good day. Dom has never been to public school on a normal year…. David is at the middle school….and Letty is just such a little lady, mothering her siblings along the way. My ears were ringing from the silence…. I decorated for fall and Matt and I went out for burgers all to pass the time till they came home…. And then ice cream! 

I know it has to happen. But I hate the passing of time. The changing of the seasons. Another year older… and a new one just begun…