a basement refresh

So I was decorating for fall and smattering pumpkins all over and I realized I had never shared our new and improved basement that was finished like… before Christmas?My brother and his wife had sort of recently finished theirs and I loved how bright it was and the fun accent walls so I brought it up to Matt, matte dark blue walls be gone! It is amazing what some paint and trim can do! The “art” work, which I use that term loosely, I did myself with a sharpie and some paint… the rest of the wall decor was from Amazon except the macrame piece on the stairs which is by Letty…and all shelf decor was from a local home decor warehouse which takes a lot of my money hence why I stay away…. I love it so much more down here! And do you notice what is missing? No more toys!!! Gasp! Some day I foresee a round table and chairs in that big wide open area… someday!

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