who letty is at twelve

Oh our Letty….twelve! How can that be!!? Practically a teenager and I am just not ready! Twelve wonderful years by our side! And today is her day!

Our sweet Letteria is smart and kind, thoughtful and sensitive… terrible with names and a bit of a worrier…. Beautiful and freckled…zero interest in makeup but wants to wear all the Mamma Mia inspired flowy dresses…. Loves to bake and make messes in the kitchen…Absolute refusal to accept that her cousin or her cats want to be held….everyday is a day where she wants to be around people… maturing in so many ways and yet still such an innocent soul…. 
Oh You loud, responsible, rule-following, mothering thing! This summer we have practically been on our knees asking you to leave your brothers alone and it is quite hard for you! I don’t even have to open my mouth and you’re already saying what I was planning on saying, with the exact tone of voice I would have used. It is uncanny! You just can’t help yourself. You will make the very best babysitter I am sure with your newly founded club and all. 
You sing all of the time even without music. It still blows my mind how many song lyrics you know! You love your family and friends (and I do too, you sure know how to pick them!), Harry Potter and staying up late watching movies with just us. Art. All of the art. I hear you up in your room jamming to Taylor Swift making messes and painting on canvases. You are a hoarder and your room makes me twitch but it is full of all things you love. 
You are such a hard worker it always amazes me how much effort you put into things at school. Straight A student my girl! Even though you don’t want sixth grade to start I know you’re going to rock it! You love art and STEM and math and really love the teachers who make you laugh. You have one semester left being tutored and you are thrilled about that but not the graduation speech. Field hockey will be starting up here soon, last year before you can join the middle school team! You’re so fast I am really looking forward to seeing what you do when you can do Track and Field too!
You’re almost as tall as me and definitely as tall as Nonna! Wearing women’s size eight shoes and shopping in the women’s department already…. I’m letting you get a cartilage piercing today! You’re a little lady already whether I like it or not! I catch you out of the corner of my eye when we are driving (you always call shotgun) and you’re just bobbing your head and singing and I’m like who is this adult person sitting where my child used to be?!
You beautiful wonder of a human being I am so lucky to have been blessed with you! You have been a gift since the very beginning and I can’t wait to continue to watch you grow!
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