the day we went tubing

Also known as the day a horse came and took my Pirate’s Booty and ate the entire bag. But that comes later. First up we deemed it another boat day! We love our boat days. We packed up once more and headed back towards Assateague and we’re greeted with the sight of more horses. And one of them got real close to us and hung out there for quite some time…. Just nosing through our foods. I’ve never seen anything like it! The kids played and we floated and then headed back towards home. But not before stopping and bringing out the big guns…. The tubing. I haven’t done this in years and man was it fun! I was so sore the next day from holding on so tightly! The kids all took turns and we deemed it good! I don’t think we ate dinner till like 8 o’clock that night but that’s just the sign of a good boat day!