our final beach day of the summer…

Oh to say final makes me so sad. This summer has, like all summers, just flown by! OBX just feels like yesterday when in fact it was ten weeks ago or some such thing. Cruel summer. Our last day had all the normal last day things… cleaning and packing but we did manage to make it to the beach a final time! We saw dolphins and I finished my book and the kids all went wave jumping. What a way to go out! We had an early dinner and headed home… slightly sandy and definitely a bit browner. Thanks so much Uncle Glenn and Aunt Sue for having us! Always such a nice time!!

the day we went tubing

Also known as the day a horse came and took my Pirate’s Booty and ate the entire bag. But that comes later. First up we deemed it another boat day! We love our boat days. We packed up once more and headed back towards Assateague and we’re greeted with the sight of more horses. And one of them got real close to us and hung out there for quite some time…. Just nosing through our foods. I’ve never seen anything like it! The kids played and we floated and then headed back towards home. But not before stopping and bringing out the big guns…. The tubing. I haven’t done this in years and man was it fun! I was so sore the next day from holding on so tightly! The kids all took turns and we deemed it good! I don’t think we ate dinner till like 8 o’clock that night but that’s just the sign of a good boat day!

a boat day! with horses!

After my morning bagel run we packed up our lunches and the boat (no small fest) and headed towards Assateague where we were greeted by the sight of quite a few horses! Once we parked and got settled the kids went off on that floating mat thing and we just relaxed…. It was such a nice day and the weather couldn’t have been better! Once home and cleaned up we had dinner before celebrating all the summer birthdays! And Dom, he gets included on that too. The kids loved their gifts! Then we went back out on the boat for a little sunset cruise and cupcakes! If I were Uncle Glenn and Aunt Sue I would do that every night! Such good sky!

we hit the beach up… again

This time back to Ocean City, Maryland with Matt’s family. We left Wednesday after lunch with quite a few false starts and things forgotten but we got there eventually in time for dinner and a good sky…. The next day we headed to the beach and did all the beach things... Even with some friends from home! Digging and snow cones and waves and of course for Letty a little Taylor Swift action in her personal tent made by daddy! All the things!

more stone harbor

More beach time! Of course that comes after the bay time. And the kayaking time. And the fishing time. And the crabbing time. And then of course that means the Fudgy Wudgy man too! Later in the afternoon Rhonda and Letty and I went out for some quality girls time and got pedicures! That place was phenomenal and there were hot stones! We loved it! Then we hit up a favorite of all of ours for dinner! Afterwards us ladies got to hit the town to go window shopping. Letty loves feeling like a grown up lady doing this! The next day was basically a typical final day day… packing up and of course some more kayaking and the beach and lunch before heading north towards home again…

We always have the best time with the Scheffeys and appreciate these long weekends so much! Thank you guys!!!

stone harbor, the second day

Another day of all the things! The boys kayaked first thing in the morning breaking any sort of serenity found on the bay… and then we took them to the Cape May Zoo… every time we come here the panda is in hiding and a certain seven year old simply has to see himself a panda in real life. And it was a success! After lunch it was more bay time and Letty discovered she absolutely loved kayaking!!! We couldn’t get her off that thing! There was a course a lot of fishing happening throughout the day. Matt and Aaron living the dream! Rhonda and I got a break after dinner to hit the beach with a drink for the sunset… just us girls! 

stone harbor!

We have been quite lucky to have been invited back for the third summer in a row to hang with friends at their family’s beach house in Stone Harbor! The kids, especially my boys, just have the best time doing all the things with those Scheffey boys! Fishing and crabbing, jumping into the bay and digging in the sand, all the beach things! The first day we didn’t get there as early as I would have liked, looking at you Philly traffic! But we got to hit the beach and swim in the bay before a sunset cruise! Lots of good sky!!

lena girl is eight!!

We are just party party party these days! Right after Letty’s friends left we headed right on over to my sister’s for Lena’s birthday party. Apparently the beginning of August is the time to be born! There was good food and a beautiful cake and of course gifts and singing! And lots of cousin play time!

Oh Lena you are just the sweetest and kindest girl. I love hearing all your thoughts on all the things! I hope you feel the love each and every day! 

letty’s friend birthday party

Oh some of these ladies have been coming to celebrate Letty year after year and it is so nice to see them all together still! Missing a few, but still! They swam as we tend to do during the summer and of course had lots of popsicles and snacks before singing and cupcakes… and then pretzels from the newest shop in our town! And presents! These girls know Letty so well and she loved every single thing! Thank you to all who could come out and celebrate Letty! She loves her friends!! 

a second crab boil…

Because we just can’t help ourselves. The first one was such a big hit and Matt did say he would do one every week so I guess twice in a summer we should consider ourselves lucky! With our hectic schedules?! Matt added clams this time per request… the kids were working on some sort of movie most of the evening so we barely saw them other when they surfaced for food but that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing because then we got an adult swim! Of course once the sun went down the glow sticks came out! As one does! A solid summer day! As as it happened, my birthday! They brought me gluten free Tandycake and an ice cream cake. The best!

a family party…

For those who could make it, that is. The other night after Letty’s big day of doing big things we had our family over to celebrate her. A little swim, some lasagna soup (the birthday girl’s choice on a hot August day), cake and singing and of course presents! These gifts are no longer toys but big girl things…. A pencil pouch or art supplies… a watch and a huge pizza floatie…a giant L light. I am sure I’m missing some but my point was her interests have changed and it makes me sad. She’s such a cool kid though! Thank you all for celebrating her! She feels so loved!