who david is at ten years

A second child now in the double digits… oh how quickly this happens, these milestone years. Of course the first is always the worst and I imagine so will be the last… curse of the middle child am I right? That I can write this without crying?

This year David has learned quite a lot… a bunch of things I wish could have waited like seven years…. He has gotten a bit mouthy and we are working on it…. He has decided that I am the Easter Bunny but Santa and the Tooth Fairy are still reigning supreme (don’t inform his siblings). 

He still loves loves loves school! He really didn’t want to leave the elementary school and I catch him frequently going through his old yearbooks. Math is still his jam! He loved played the trumpet and according to his instructor he is quite good at it. He of course has more friends than I can count and just wants to chill with them all of the time. Quite the popular young man! He loves baseball (have you met David?), basketball and flag football. All the sports! I loved watching him each morning at school playing knock out and it made my heart happy that they included Dom on the days I was working there in the gym. They are a competitive group these soon to be fifth graders…

Dinner times are still a major sore subject but let’s not focus on that…. He is crazy for Fortnite and Minecraft and Roblox but sadly they have been taken away from him for so long I can’t tell you the last time he has played them. Watch that tone, sir! We all have our issues right?

He knows all the things, even when he doesn’t. And then he really gets your goat when he proves that he actually does know what he is talking about…. He loves “your mom” jokes. He has really grown to appreciate his brother and I am so thankful for that change!! He loves to read graphic novels and I Survived books. Legos. Coding. Learning all the things and National Geographic. Definitely not remembering things, especially his retainer. He loves Eminem and I’m not quite sure how you discovered those songs. Ahem.  

Ohhh Lord, David… you are all over the place. From my sweet boy who loves hugs and makes a sound like a little puppy when you hug him back to the boy who taunts you and freaks out when things don’t go his way…. To the boy who acts like he is God’s gift to baseball but then chokes at bat…. You are full of contradictions and that just is you.  You are sweet and kind, loving and appreciative (mostly), you are so smart and always want to learn and act just like your Uncle T.  Which is just proof that God has a sense of humor. You are goofy and silly and sometimes awkward and you think you are just so very funny. You’re cute and sensitive and have a lot of feelings. And your ours. Our middle. And now you’re ten. We love you. Forever and ever. Happy birthday my dude!