We have traditionally spent the past few years spending Father’s Day with Matt’s aunt and uncle at their beach house. I think it’s nice to spend time with his dad’s family, especially on this day. I woke up bright and early for my usual bagel run… and then we debated what to do about the day. It was quite windy and Sunday looked no better. The plan was to take his new pontoon boat down to Assateague and grill, per the usual. We figured we would give it a go and made our way slowly there. It really wasn’t bad on the way down. We set up and Matt started grilling… the kids were all over that mat thing Aunt Sue got them…. After lunch we walked to the ocean side where there was quite a ton of dead horseshoe crabs. Matt’s cousins made Dom a little surprise there… but when we got back it was time to head home and the weather had worsened. It was quite the wet and cold trip back but we were safe and that’s what matters. I’ll stick to that story. After dinner there were gifts and  a few rounds of games before then bed!