Our last day… it always has a forlorn feeling about it no? It didn’t help it was like a hundred degrees and barely a breeze to be had…. We didn’t last long on the beach… especially after I took a bunch of the kids down to see where the houses had been washed away. They loved seeing the houses up on stilts with the waves crashing under them! Back at the house they swam a bit but it was a lot of packing up and gathering all the things. We decided to leave prior to dinner this year and get a head start on the long drive back. For some. For us Olsen’s it wasn’t as bad, only to Ocean City. We stopped at a brewery on the way to let the kids run around a bit… It was sort of nice to get there around 8:30 and hang with them for a bit before bed…. More beaching to come!

Thank you so much to my parents for making this all possible! We all love the Outerbanks and had such a wonderful trip! We love you both so so very much!