last day of school!

Hard to believe how quickly this year went by! I feel like it only just began! It got off to a weird start with no masks then masks then people supposed to be wearing masks then no masks…. But the year got to feel basically normal after all of that. After school activities and clubs returned…. All the PTO events came back and it almost seems like the prior two years didn’t happen. Almost. 

Letty took the middle school so well and shocked us all with her new responsibilities... The trust they give those fifth graders is mind blowing to me! Her grades improved as well as her confidence and maturity. David loves everything about school. He learned a lot this year I wish he didn’t but he still is my sweet, caring, respectful boy (most of the time). May he also become more responsible next year at the middle school! Dominic’s year got off to a very rocky start and for months and months he didn’t want to go…. His class had some interesting personalities and he got himself into a bit of mischief a few times. But he made new friends and turned it around here in the past few months! All three have grown academically and are definitely ready for the coming grade. They are social little things and will miss seeing their people every day. But it is time. 

Here’s to an  amazing (slow) summer filled with all the things we love!

Their first day of school here