fourth grade graduation

Oh this event. Sometimes I feel like they are trying to make us hurt. But mainly they are just wrapping up a chapter in these kids’ lives. It was very different from Letty’s because she was a covid grad… they did the clap out where the entire class walks throughout the halls to applause and let me tell you how happy I am that I did not witness Dom clapping his brother out! After that it was time for Oh The Places You’ll Go and lots of awards and recognitions. David got the STEM award! After all of that they handed out the certificates and then there was breakfast and other activities like a photo wall and a slideshow and yearbook signings. The last part was a bit rushed because the ceremony went long but I think we got it all in! David is so sad to be leaving his school…. His is the first class to have been in the building all five years, the inaugural class as it were… he definitely shed some tears when the day was done. Change is hard. For any of us. 

And because I can’t help it here are some photos from his first day of kindergarten…

Yes I am a glutton.