We have traditionally spent the past few years spending Father’s Day with Matt’s aunt and uncle at their beach house. I think it’s nice to spend time with his dad’s family, especially on this day. I woke up bright and early for my usual bagel run… and then we debated what to do about the day. It was quite windy and Sunday looked no better. The plan was to take his new pontoon boat down to Assateague and grill, per the usual. We figured we would give it a go and made our way slowly there. It really wasn’t bad on the way down. We set up and Matt started grilling… the kids were all over that mat thing Aunt Sue got them…. After lunch we walked to the ocean side where there was quite a ton of dead horseshoe crabs. Matt’s cousins made Dom a little surprise there… but when we got back it was time to head home and the weather had worsened. It was quite the wet and cold trip back but we were safe and that’s what matters. I’ll stick to that story. After dinner there were gifts and  a few rounds of games before then bed! 


Our last day… it always has a forlorn feeling about it no? It didn’t help it was like a hundred degrees and barely a breeze to be had…. We didn’t last long on the beach… especially after I took a bunch of the kids down to see where the houses had been washed away. They loved seeing the houses up on stilts with the waves crashing under them! Back at the house they swam a bit but it was a lot of packing up and gathering all the things. We decided to leave prior to dinner this year and get a head start on the long drive back. For some. For us Olsen’s it wasn’t as bad, only to Ocean City. We stopped at a brewery on the way to let the kids run around a bit… It was sort of nice to get there around 8:30 and hang with them for a bit before bed…. More beaching to come!

Thank you so much to my parents for making this all possible! We all love the Outerbanks and had such a wonderful trip! We love you both so so very much!


What stands out to me about this day? The kids really started to find pieces of the houses that fell into the ocean a month prior… pieces of blinds, roofing, carpet padding, even a piece of countertop. Dangerous to walk on the beach apparently. we also made a shell craft Nonna discovered. Thai food, yum! And ghost crab hunting. If we ever come back we need to add this to our nightly fires, the kids loved it! What a way to go out on our final night!


Take yesterday’s day and just repeat it for this day! As you can sort of tell as the week went on the photo taking tapered off a bit, ha! After our beach and pool time we welcomed back a chef for our dinner time! Our chef had a serious of unfortunate events and so sent her sous chef for two days. This nights meal was bbq chicken and Mac and cheese with fruit and roasted veggies. Delicious! After dinner we went for an evening stroll on the beach before calling it a night. 


Another beautiful long beach day! This one slightly different because Uncle Robbie supplied Duck Donuts! And in the evening as the sun was setting my sister-in-law took family photos…. We got a kind stranger to take one of all of us together…. All eighteen. And then as we do, a beach fire. 


These days at the beach took on the same similar rhythm as last year… sunrises and Matt fishing… getting to the beach around eight… digging holes and boogie boarding…seashell hunting and going for walks… some of us reading….. we would take a pool and lunch break only to return again to the beach for a bit in the afternoon… back into the pool for a dip and coffee…. Then showers and dinner. This day we all walked to Dairy Queen and we sure gave them a run for their money! It rained a little this evening so we didn’t get a fire in… instead just hanging out inside. A solid first full day!

OBX arrival day

We didn’t waste much time on Saturday morning and were at breakfast when it opened at 7 before heading back out on the road. We debated what to do since obviously the house wasn’t going to be ready yet but we were enjoying the traffic-free drive so we just went with it and got down towards the house. We did our souvenir shopping right away as one does before lunch. We were able to park our car near the house and utilize the beach until it was ready. The rest of the family arrived a bit later on having been mini golfing and the like…The house was ready and we unpacked before our chef arrived. Thank you Poppop! And then after a delicious dinner we had our first of many fires on the beach! Let the beach week begin!

the start of our OBX trip…

Prepare thyself for quite a lot of beach posts…. Tends to happen when you go away for ten days. The first day though we headed for Richmond. The original plan was to visit with Matt’s brother’s family who just moved there but alas, they were out of town. We just couldn’t stomach the idea of doing the whole drive in one day so we still decided to split it up. We found a hotel that had a pool and a breakfast included and called it good! We had a dinner out just us five before a swim and then hotel room hangs. Kids love hotel rooms! Even one that has a not so working AC….

tenley’s second birthday party!

I feel like I’m coming down to earth again or something after returning from ten days away… real life awaits and there is much to catch up on… much to plan… much to do. Like recap my niece’s second birthday party! It is hard to wrap my head around how fast the time is going…. Two already?! Wait wasn’t she just born!? But there was a second birthday party to be had! The kids played and the adults hung out… all eyes on Tenley of course because she just attracts all of it. She opened her gifts and loved being sung to. She is just such a bright light. Always smiling and happy! She’s a ball of fire that one and it brings me all the happiness to call her my niece. Happy day to her!

strawberry picking

My friend’s man friend has a farm and this farm happened to be chock full of strawberries so we found a day and all went over to help him with that situation. There were quite a lot of us descending upon that poor man’s farm… watch out chicks! The kids picked but when the boys were done they were just done. Long gone are the days of annual fruit picking I suppose…. But the chickens? They loved them! Minus the mean rooster George of course. Then we all went out for lunch, which is the real reason Matt tagged along. 

first sleepover of the summer!

And all to celebrate Alyssa’s birthday! Ever since our Philadelphia weekend last spring these girls refer to themselves as the Philly girls… and I love it! They had pizza and got these adorable connecting necklaces and matching pajamas! Of course sweets in the am as well, isn’t that was sleepovers are made of! Happy birthday to you Alyssa!

baseball tournament time

It wasn’t a good one let us say that. The boys didn’t play the way they can and they lost every game… so there were only three of them. But in between they had fun with each other and made memories! Trying to find the bright side. And a mom got these phenomenal photos so I will take that as a win! Thanks for the photos Shauna!!

fourth grade swim

Seventeen. That is how many boys were in my pool on the last day of school. Thankfully it appears David knows how to pick them because there were zero issues with that number. It was chaos and loud to be sure but no issues. We had a ton of food for them which they of course devoured but most of the time was spent in the pool playing basketball or some such game. He would have invited the entire class of boys if I had allowed him! Thankfully I also had reinforcements… Thanks moms who stayed! What a way to wrap up fourth grade and elementary school all while kicking off summer break!

fourth grade graduation

Oh this event. Sometimes I feel like they are trying to make us hurt. But mainly they are just wrapping up a chapter in these kids’ lives. It was very different from Letty’s because she was a covid grad… they did the clap out where the entire class walks throughout the halls to applause and let me tell you how happy I am that I did not witness Dom clapping his brother out! After that it was time for Oh The Places You’ll Go and lots of awards and recognitions. David got the STEM award! After all of that they handed out the certificates and then there was breakfast and other activities like a photo wall and a slideshow and yearbook signings. The last part was a bit rushed because the ceremony went long but I think we got it all in! David is so sad to be leaving his school…. His is the first class to have been in the building all five years, the inaugural class as it were… he definitely shed some tears when the day was done. Change is hard. For any of us. 

last day of school!

Hard to believe how quickly this year went by! I feel like it only just began! It got off to a weird start with no masks then masks then people supposed to be wearing masks then no masks…. But the year got to feel basically normal after all of that. After school activities and clubs returned…. All the PTO events came back and it almost seems like the prior two years didn’t happen. Almost. 

a philadelphia field trip

Oh this was a big one! Nine hours big. And thank all the things that we didn’t ride in a school bus because it was a hot one that day! Toniel and I got lucky enough to be put in the same group so our girls got to hang together all day! And lucky me because Toniel just gets things done! We were able to see so many sites and the girls just had the best time! The Liberty Bell, American Revolution Museum, Beaty Ross’s house, Benjamin Franklin’s grave, Independence Hall and all the places in between. And the adults all survived. I think. 

one last mama hooray

Before summer, that is. We decided to head into Lancaster for the day…. The thought being that then Lindsey could also join us after she got off work. Matt was kind enough to drive the three of down there and stayed for lunch as well. Then we wandered around window shopping and exploring before drinks and apps at a few places…. Ending up with quite the view! It was nice to have some (a lot of) adult time before we will be surrounded by children all the live long day. Bring on summer!

our memorial day

After the parade it was time for the pool! Naturally! It was so hot and necessary. Family came over and brought all the foods and Matt grilled. The things summers are made of! All the festive-ness! It is going to be a good one I can just bc eel it!

a parade!

Our little town has a parade each Memorial Day and I am here for it. Me and parades!  David walks in it with his baseball team so you know we all show up. And more this year with friends too! He definitely chucked the candy at us real hard…. I  don’t expect anything less! Such a nice little parade!

memorial day kick off

As tradition dictates we start off our Memorial Day weekend with beers at the Bulls celebrating Uncle Colton’s birthday. The weather was not quite as bad as last year but it definitely meant no park for the kids... Sorry guys! The weekend shaped up to be a scorcher with quite a lot of entertaining and pool time. As we do. 

a ladies night

One of our near and dear friends is celebrating her tenth birthday so we had to celebrate! Sometimes last minute plans end up being the best plans! The girls got pedicures and the moms chatted all before dinner and gifts and singing. Love these ladies! The Philly Group, as they like to call themselves. 

band concert

My boy plays the trumpet, did we know this? Well he does and last week was his first concert ever! Maybe his last. Jury is still out…. They sounded so so good and I was so so surprised!  David forgot the whole no jeans thing but at least there were no knee holes! Way to go buddy!!!