our mother’s day…

Was a day where I was sooo very spoiled by Matt. Which is saying something since he always spoils. I don’t deserve it I truly don’t. I was woken up to the smell of my Grammy’s thin pancakes which is an amazing way to be woken up and if you know, you know…. Flowers and champagne and cards oh my! Matt also got me a new necklace that says I love you to the moon and back which is something I always say to the kids. And to which Letty has always responded with “I love you to the heart and back” which has always been adorable. I went for a run and was treated to a bubble bath before David’s final flag football game. A game in which he got four touchdowns and of course I got none of them on video….  Then we all got changed and headed out to dinner with my family where we got to celebrate my mama. Lots of Italian food later I looked at least thirty weeks pregnant but so very happy and loved. 

Hope all the mamas of all types had a wonderful Sunday! The sun came out! Best gift of all!