middle creek field trip

A field trip that sadly I couldn’t go on because I went in the fall. But! They went! They learned all about wildlife and adaptations and birds. Direct quote from my son. Thankfully a chaperone also likes to take photos and so she sent me a bunch. And a video of David winning the class race! That kid is also quite fast! I greatly appreciate it! 

Loving all the end of school activities! Fun things all the time!

glow run!

I feel like I am constantly repeating myself…. But I’m just so happy this event has returned! It has been literal years since we have gotten to do this let alone as a family! Well, the ladies that is. Letty of course would want to run any little thing so she was a no brained! Yes it was hot but we all rallied and made it happen! In just a shy over thirty minutes! I am so proud of these girls for putting in maximum effort! I was sore for days. And I run every day….. so not sure what happened there. Thanks to my parents for supporting us all! Well done girls!! That was some earned ice cream!

my mama’s birthday….

Last Saturday was my mom’s birthday and so to celebrate her we had a pool party! Because she loves swimming. And the sun. But she actually really does just love being together with family so that part all worked out! It was in the mid-nineties which was a bit much for May but I’ll take it over the cold any day! We swam and ate and sang and I sure hope she knows how much we love her!

school carnival

Oh this event! Something I sort of forgot about after all these past years of weirdness but it was back and back in full force! All the kids went and of course we ran into my niece and my sister‘s family… They saw a ton of friends, played games, had food and of course tried to dunk David’s teacher which he failed at but Dominic succeeded. It’s chaos but it’s so much fun and the kids loved every second. And thank you to my friend Lindsey for escorting the choir girls as they wandered around the carnival all grown up like!

Of course after we got home we had to have some friends over for a swim and a fire… which then turned into a sleepover. Felt like summer!

track and field day

With my first child in the middle school this year has been full of new-to-me things… Next up was the track and field day! The entire fifth grade was there… they all had different color T-shirts and we’re on different teams and competed in three different events. Letty did the long jump, the 50 m and the 400 m. I haven’t gotten the final results from the school yet but I have it on good authority that she got the fastest time of the girls and the boys. She also won her heat in the 50 m and second the 4 x 100 relay. She is quite the runner that girl! She just looks so effortless as she flew around the track! It was such a fun day and such a cute event… the kids had the time of their lives! Maybe Already looking forward to next year… but let us not rush summer!!!

final choral concert of the year

Last week was Letty‘s final choral concert for the year… It’s amazing to me how talented this group of kids is! I think my favorite song was Blue Skies of course hello Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye… Of course Nonna came along to show her support and we are so thankful she does! Hard to believe the year is wrapping up… But I’m here for summer!

and on the final day the sun came out…

Despite appearances, it was there. The mist hung around for a few hours in the morning but it was definitely the best day weather-wise. The boys wanted to get their fishing on so we headed to the point in Stone Harbor where Matt has had great success before to set up shop. No luck for them but at least they got to go! The kids played and dug and sea shell collected while Steph and I read and it was amazing. 

One more burger for me before we had to head home! 

the day we visited a star wars set and more!

Ok that’s a lot to unpack. The weather had taken a turn on Saturday so we planned on heading to the Cape May Zoo for something to do…. Until it started pouring! We hightailed it out of there and then went to a local brewery for a little…. When the rain cleared we decided a beach visit was needed only to stumble upon quite the high dunes…. Like really high and then a sudden drop. Very Tatooine-esque! I’ve never seen anything like it!

first beach weekend of the year!

And naturally it rained. Like every day until it was time to go home. We pulled the kids out of school and headed to North Wildwood, New Jersey on Friday…. And of course after we unpacked I had to go get a burger! The boardwalk was deserted and the entire place was like a big misty scene…. The Fitzs arrived then and we headed back to the actual beach (which wow is that a deep beach!) this time and of course ice cream! With bicycles! A solid first day!

our mother’s day…

Was a day where I was sooo very spoiled by Matt. Which is saying something since he always spoils. I don’t deserve it I truly don’t. I was woken up to the smell of my Grammy’s thin pancakes which is an amazing way to be woken up and if you know, you know…. Flowers and champagne and cards oh my! Matt also got me a new necklace that says I love you to the moon and back which is something I always say to the kids. And to which Letty has always responded with “I love you to the heart and back” which has always been adorable. I went for a run and was treated to a bubble bath before David’s final flag football game. A game in which he got four touchdowns and of course I got none of them on video….  Then we all got changed and headed out to dinner with my family where we got to celebrate my mama. Lots of Italian food later I looked at least thirty weeks pregnant but so very happy and loved. 

life lately…

Oh all the things! Secrets of Dumbledore with friends…another field trip that I was unable to go on but still got photos sent to me… baseball and family who supports David… a sleepover with cousins! More baseball and watching soccer and friend swims and friend lunches! Working at the middle school and feeling lucky to see Letty and her friends! A fish caught and a new school ID… a yard sale and lemonade stand… football and another soccer game…. Cats and a good report card ice cream run with Nonna… have I mentioned baseball? Tis the season! Freshly planted palms and flowers and hair cuts for the boys! It is quite possibly the busiest time of year after Christmas time but it is full of fun things!

a field trip

It has been a hot minute since I went on this field trip to Gretna Glen… two years in a row and I can say not much has changed! The camp counselors are still loud and energetic and the pond study is still dirty and icky. But it is a field trip and it is traditionally what the first graders do and I am glad it is back! I had a good group… there was no rain and the sun even came out! What is not to love? The only regret I have is not grabbing a photo of Lena and Dom! Rookie move Laurie!