all on an easter morn….

The Easter Bunny came. As he tends to do. And my children were up before seven, as they tend to do. Naturally he is all about the summer and the pool weather. New flips and suits, tanks and a cover-up, tubes and goggles and sharks oh my! If we will it it will come! No need for more toys in this house oh nooo thank you! Just don’t ask my children their opinion on the matter. 

And as an entirely important side note David now no longer believes. I am surprised I held him off this long as he has been asking questions for years… but I finally acknowledged that yes, I am in fact the bunny. I do have to say though, as sad as it is to have this little childish innocence waning I sure did appreciate the hugs and quiet whispered thank yous we got… and don’t worry, Santa is going strong. He’s hanging his hat on the photo I “got” in our living room of Santa years back….