our easter

I know! There is more! In between all of the festive fun there was actually family and appetizers and a main course and desserts and more family! And I neglected to take photos of the majority of it. I am actually extremely disappointed with myself for not taking an entire group family photo because well, we had lots of family in from New York! Entirely unacceptable. I suppose that just means we were all having a nice time chatting and eating and drinking Rob’s incredibly strong grapefruit cocktail… ahem. 

It was a good day. A long day. But a good one. 

hunt those eggs…

While we were inside dealing with egg madness the husbands went outside to deal with their own brand of madness, hiding eggs. We had certain areas of the yard set up for the different age brackets with Letty and David demanding their own space. Letty asked for her’s to be hidden very very well and Uncle Robbie understood the assignment as we all needed to help her find them. 

We all make them wait their turn, the eldest having to wait the longest but then we all get to witness all the fun! Except it was absolutely frigid and where is the warmer weather?! Please come back!

dye those eggs…

After a morning of far too much screen time we headed over to my parents’ for a day of festive fun! Fun is what we are calling it. First up was our annual egg dyeing. It was a completely calm and quiet, relaxing event. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. 

Not too hard to sense my sarcasm I hope? It was sheer and utter chaos and the noise oh my word! It was all a bit too much with the cooking going on in the background as well and the kids just chomping at the bit to get started before we were ready and pass the blue! No, I want the blue! Lots of that. Good times. Good times. 

But they had fun. 

all on an easter morn….

The Easter Bunny came. As he tends to do. And my children were up before seven, as they tend to do. Naturally he is all about the summer and the pool weather. New flips and suits, tanks and a cover-up, tubes and goggles and sharks oh my! If we will it it will come! No need for more toys in this house oh nooo thank you! Just don’t ask my children their opinion on the matter. 

And as an entirely important side note David now no longer believes. I am surprised I held him off this long as he has been asking questions for years… but I finally acknowledged that yes, I am in fact the bunny. I do have to say though, as sad as it is to have this little childish innocence waning I sure did appreciate the hugs and quiet whispered thank yous we got… and don’t worry, Santa is going strong. He’s hanging his hat on the photo I “got” in our living room of Santa years back….

life as of late….

Oh doing all the things! Cat cuddles and football, eating out and baseball, school stuff like an award for Letty and a spring party for David, the first day of fishing and the last day of Wednesday night church, new found hobbies for Dominic and then Jesus Christ Superstar with some lady friends! Just living the dream these days!

the aquarium once more!

We are just taking advantage of being members at the National Aquarium… this time taking my sister and her kids! Love that our pass allows any two adults and four kids! And hey Tenley is still free! I think my kids liked knowing the lay of the land and telling their cousins what’s what. And it was such a gorgeous day to walk around Inner Harbor and eat lunch outside! We need more of these days please!

the pool has returned!!!

Oh it happened alright. We opened her up! Of course she is quite cold so naturally only the boys really use her but then we were blessed with a few warm days where turning the heater on seemed worth it! Oh I missed you so you dear pool you! I love looking out back and seeing the covers off…. I think I must always live by some sort of body of water… preferably with palms. 

the easter bunny and hersheypark

Last weekend we met up with my family at Hershey for our annual Easter Bunny visit! And this time without masks! What a difference that makes! The first around we didn’t get everyone or everyone happy but the second time is a charm! We rode Chocolate World for the millionth time and then headed into the park for some more rides! Matt got a season pass this year after a years break… and we are just so happy to have him back! Summer is so close you guys!

a weekend away!

We have been plotting this for months… getting away again with “the Philly group” for the weekend. This time with no real plans, no hotels or restaurants, no city. We figured hey the kids just want to hang out all day anyway so why bother with activities! Not that this house didn’t have activities, it did. Ping pong and pool, a gym and sauna, a hot tub and pond… lots to do! The weather didn’t really cooperate as it got super cold so they weren’t able to be outside as much as we would have hoped…. But we still had a great weekend of shenanigans and friend time! A time to relax and eat all the things. That I am still trying to work off a thank you….

reading night!

Another event to make its first appearance since pre-covid era…. Our elementary school’s reading night! During Read Across America week there’s all sorts of activities that happen at the school including reading a book together as a family (still working on that). But this night of fun! Face painting and tons to do in the gym, stem activities and snacks! Also just a ton of friends for all so I’m glad it is back... Even though it is chaotic to watch my three and keep track of them it’s still worth it. And this time my sister and niece and nephew were there! Lena’s first one! One more step back to the old days!