the florida keys!

I have been toe tipping into leaving my kids for like a year and a half now…. A night here, a night there, always leaving the kids in Matt’s incredibly capable hands (he’s a working parent. A father. He’s Mr. Napkin Head!)…. We left them together once with friends and that was incredibly hard to do! I say all this to explain how totally out of my element I was leaving them for three nights. Via airplane no less! I returned from Disney quite forlorn and my friend Toniel said quite last minute hey! Wanna come to the keys with me?! And I discussed at great lengths with Matt over the course of many days and decided ok! Let’s do it! The kids had minimal activities… they would be in school most of the time anyways…. So I booked the ticket! And I went! Not without trepidation….

All the dramatics aside it was fine. Everyone was fine. Tears from the boys if I FaceTimed at night so I stopped doing that. And I am here to tell the tale! And I had a really nice time relaxing and sight seeing and soaking up some sun! 

But first we had to get there. Our flight left Baltimore in the middle of the afternoon so by the time we got to Fort Lauderdale, picked up our rental car and drove the hour and a half to Key Largo it was dark and late. We grabbed a bite to eat at the hotel bar next door and then sat listening to the water and looking at the stars afterward. Enjoying the heat and all the palm trees. Oh so many palm trees!