the drive back including a beach stop and the sunset singers

We left Key West stuffed and happy, ready for a beach stop at a state park as we headed back to our hotel. The plan was to break up the trip quite a few times and make sure we see all the things we can see! There were warnings about bacteria levels in the water (we were told wearing a mask would help har har Floridians) and man-o-wars so we weren’t entirely in the swimming mood but we sat and listened to the waves and relaxed after a morning of walking. As one does. 

Leaving there we found Sunset Park... Which is aptly named as it is a park set up entirely to watch the sunset. Tables and chairs and palms all ready for optimal sunset viewing.  After the sun went down we were handed music and told to join in on the nightly sing-a-long that has been happening every single night for over ten years. And naturally, we had to stay.  A song written by a local all about living life on the Keys and the palm trees swaying and being in Marathon, etc. It was something to see! What a life!