a relaxing morning followed by more sightseeing

Up for the sunrise we were once more thwarted by a cloud…. But at least we finally got to see our hotel in the daylight? Quite pretty really. We grabbed coffee from McDonald’s because apparently no cafe opens up before ten down there and enjoyed it watching the water and boats…. We spent a few hours hanging by the pool and relaxing before packing up our car with all the things and heading to another beach, this one named Anne, which was fitting for one of our party, named Anne. We hung out there for awhile wading into the water and catching some sun before starting back towards Fort Lauderdale... stopping quite a few times along the way. A brewery, some artist studios, shopping once more, the Key Lime Factory…all the things! We ended up with a final dinner on the water before we hit the mainland.

Once to our next hotel we took quick showers and then went to see the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino because it is in the shape of a guitar. So we had to. The girls gambled a little and we people watched before heading back to crash after a long day. For the next day was departure day! Schade. Nothing like leaving 80 degrees and palm trees for gray and rain/snow back home. 

Now. Is it time to open our pool?