the in between, christmas break style.

Oh Christmas break! What a whirlwind! And I loved it! Even though Dom was horrible and the kids fought daily and we were all exhausted I would take break any day! We had lots of adventures with friends... Lots of eating out. Good sky and coffee and our first baby snow. These photos are all out of order and mixed up but that is fitting for break! And the week leading up to it. All the school parties and the spirit days! Oh Christmas! How I hate to see you go!

zoo america

I like to fill up each and every day of break and I mainly succeeded this past week other than one day of forced at home time…. One such day I took the kids to the zoo…. With our friends the Wagners…. Just like last year. The place was fairly empty which was nice and it wasn’t too cold (also nice). We got to see the wolves! And then had lunch. Final visit of the year, check! Final burger of the year, check!

to the new year!

Unsure what to do as a family we fell back on an old classic, an appetizer night. We may have slightly over-committed with the amount of food we would require but at least no one left hungry! The kids got all dressed up and watched a movie in the basement while the adults discussed our upcoming trip to Disney. We played a countdown for the kids before all the family went home too.. It was a low key night but a good one! The only ones to make it to midnight were Letty, Matt and I. And just barely!