who dominic is at seven.

Being the youngest of his “triplet” cousins it sure feels as though he is already seven. Which of course, he most certainly was not. Until today that is. Time is moving at a break neck speed and I can’t quite believe my youngest is here already. Seven is a year I distinctly remember as a kid. He’s almost half way done with first grade for goodness sake! How is this a thing!?

So who is this strange baby of the family boy/child?! Well currently he is causing quite the stir. The world revolves around him in an entirely negative way depending on his mood. He can make or break whatever it is we are doing. Eating. Sleeping. Watching a movie. Getting dressed for school. Mornings. Evenings. After school. On the way to school. He quite honestly is a major pain and that’s me being kind. We aren’t sure what we are doing but we are working on it. All day, every day, each and every day. And it is exhausting. It is a cloud we are currently trying to handle. 

But with every cloud there is eventually sun right? Dom is the sun when he wants to be it! He will write us a kind note. Writing about how we are the best mommy and daddy ever and he is sorry. Or he will give the best hugs and unasked for I love yous. Or he will happily empty the dishwasher and clean his room. One just doesn’t know which version one will get! He finds such joy in things his siblings don’t really care about and honestly I am here for it! We always did all things with them, all the places but Dom? You could take him to Cabelas and he could see a deer from the taxidermist on the wall and be like WOW! He just loves things so much. Unless he doesn’t. 

And the school version of Dominic? Well he is doing just fine thank you. Sure he is a little more wild than I would prefer and he certainly could use some better choice making on the playground but they see none of the tempers. None of the fits. He’s doing well in his subjects and has turned this year around and now enjoys school and is making new friends right and left. He is creative and retains so much information!

He loves Star Wars and Legos, Minecraft and Fortnite, pandas and Imaginext. He’s going to try basketball next month. He hasn’t had his iPad for several months, not that he will tell you why…. If he had his way he would be playing video games all the time which he also hasn’t for months. He says Harrison is his best friend and always gives Elena hugs whenever he can at school. He loves all the potty humor. 

He likes sour candy and vanilla ice cream only. Steak but only if it is over cooked. Buttered pasta and pizza are always a go to solid choice for him. He’s better than his brother in eating but not by much. He is still my early waker but is doing a better job of sneaking down here rather than waking the entire house. He sleeps in his panda Halloween costume daily and expresses his feelings through his daddy’s teddy bear Snowball. 

You sure are a wonder Dominic… you test us daily, multiple times a day and then you can turn it around and just be the cutest and sweetest thing, which is I guess just how God intended it. This one is kinda crazy… but this one is my baby. We love you Dom, I sure hope you know it! Happiest of seventh birthdays my love! You wild thing!