gingerbread houses with the family

Way back in the day my dear readers (if you have been around that long) we always did gingerbread houses with our neighbors even after they were no longer our neighbors. After that stopped because life is busy and all that we just did them ourselves. Us Olsen’s. But this year my mom said she would be interested in doing it together which I mean, duh. So we joined forces with my sister and made an afternoon of it! The boys rode Lena’s bus home from school and Letty walked (gasp!) and I only freaked out about that for like…. A half hour internally. All babies accounted for we started our decorating! Beth and I thought it would be best to have the houses assembled beforehand which it really was for the best but my kids thought they missed out on something. Eye roll. 

They decorated. They ate a ton of sugar. They had fun. And with cousins! Which is my favorite!