a festive thanksgiving break.

I typically go all the places on these little breaks off of school. I want to make it so fun and make memories and do all the things. This year I decided to just stay home. The kids have been pushing buttons and just generally being unappreciative so I figured why do it all? We literally had no plans other than Thanksgiving at my parents’. So we got a lot done around the house of the festive variety. Less screens. More fighting. You know, typical sibling stuff. And a lot of ibuprofen for me. 

Of course there were some things we had to do… like get David’s expander out! And a lunch beforehand. And then leaf play at Nonna’s for a bit…. Lots of cookie baking and movie watching… making snowflakes and reindeer food and ornaments. Matt got a lot of work done on a project in our basement… We got so much off our festive list this past break and I appreciate that because you just never know what things will pop up in the next few weeks am I right?!