washington dc, the second day.

Sunday morning we got up and packed up and got our coffee all before heading out to see The Capital Building… they were decorating the Christmas tree! Too bad we juuuust missed it. At ten we were in the Air and Space Museum which sadly was half closed for renovations. Bummer. To iep and her girls left at this point and the rest of us headed across the mall to the National Gallery of Art for a quick gander… saw some things before heading over to Chantilly, VA to eat quick and then go see the really BIG Air and Space Museum. This has been on Matt’s wishlist for literal years but we never find ourselves nearby. It did not disappoint. The hanger alone is enough to see but the shuttle? Wow. Truly such a great experience to see it in person. There was so much more to explore in that area that we will definitely go back! Matt might go on his own though so he can truly enjoy. 

It was another weekend for the books! Good times! Even though the kids acted up and there was a lot of yelling… I’m trying to focus on the good stuff.