the national aquarium

We celebrated fifteen years this year. A decade and a half. So in honor of that Matt and I planned on going away without the kids for the second time in our marriage. Our plan was Inner Harbor and Fells Point. Dom however had other plans. We just didn’t feel right leaving the kids in case one of them got it next because that is how the stomach bug goes right? Anyways all part of this was the aquarium. The kids had gotten money from my aunt and uncle for Easter and we decided we would get a family pass to the aquarium with it instead of say, toys. We hadn’t gotten down there yet so this weekend was going to be our first. So we still went away, Matt and I, just with the kids and only for a few hours. 

They had never been to the aquarium before and loved it! David couldn’t wait to rush on to see the next best thing, Dom could have watched those fish swim in each and every tank all the day long and Letty same, with a touch of fear of abandonment. We saw some dolphins from afar and David touched a jellyfish the brave boy! The kids can’t wait to go back again!