our thanksgiving!

This year our Thanksgiving was slightly different from most…. My Long Island family couldn’t make it so it was just little ole us… you know, the group that gets together all the time…. And that’s ok! It just didn’t feel very “special” since we literally got together five days in a row around this holiday and all the time. So. My sister and I had some plans… Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving (bust on my end for not being able to find it except for clips on YouTube), Cupcake turkeys and an Indian corn craft. It broke up the day I will say. 

And of course there was allll the eating of allll the things. All the family time! Somewhere in the midst of all of this our Elf on the Shelf arrived bringing matching pajamas which Christmas miracle of all miracles, the cousins had the same ones! And not a single one of my kids questioned how that was? But alas! Another year with Cornelius!

Hope you and yours had a wonderful Thanksgiving!