our annual gettysburg trip

Annual and probably last. David queried, is it really worth it to drive an hour and a half each way just to look at some monuments and climb some rocks? Cut me to the core why don’t you Dave. Jeez. This year I told him yes it absolutely is worth it and then after listening to them argue throughout the park I think he may be on to something. 

But first we stopped and got a burger. I love the theme here, choosing a burger from the north or south. We dodged a bit of rain while eating and it cleared up in time for us to do our park thing. Visit the same few monuments, climb the same observation tower and have the same anxiety, hit up what is most certainly not Rapunzel’s tower and finish the trip with the rocks at Devil’s Den. Right before the rain started again. 

At least it was a pretty day while the rain stayed away and we didn’t have sports. A nice break!