mikayla rae is seven!

And I’m just not sure how that happened. I remember being seven… how are these kids already there?! Time you thief you! Her birthday was actually the week prior to this day of days but as crazy fall schedules go this is when we could get together to celebrate. Just prolonging the birthday love! 

Kayla chose “sunset” as her theme… how very bougie of her! But yet I am not surprised she knows what she likes and that is that! Rob made a delicious meal right away and then we headed out to watch her soccer game. Quite the cheering section that girl had! Then we headed back to their house for cake and cookies and presents galore! And those cookies? Not only were they gorgeous but also delicious!

Oh Kayla Rae! You beautiful, tough, smart thing! I sure hope you felt the love this day! Thanks so much for having us Rob and Ash!