memory lane in sedgwick….

After the memorial we had lunch… and then headed to our old stomping grounds… Being back in our hometown… where I spent six formative years of my life was full of good memories! Some funny, some sad, some slightly ridiculous! Like the one room schoolhouse where I started my educational career…. We hit up the “hospital” my sister was born in. We drove past the houses of my great aunts’… saw my grandparents’ best friends who are still going strong…. the old church my mom went to for hymn sings as old-fashioned as that sounds… we met with our old neighbors… saw the church my Grammy cleaned…. Our house. Her house. The town dock. The reach where we could play on the rocks and listen to the waves. It was my childhood all wrapped up in an afternoon. And I’m so glad my kids got to see it. Even if they don’t “get” it. I made them go screenless in the car all day to get what it felt like to be a Trovato kid with those long drives and all…. They queried, what did you even DO in the car on these drives? And I said: count the telephone poles. That is what I did. 

We went back to Bar Harbor and it was raining so we had Chinese take out and called it an early night….. for tomorrow, we headed home. So long Maine, you have a very special piece of my heart! Forever and always!