and the reason for the visit…. saying a final farewell to grammy.

My Grammy passed away in those pre-covid days that seem like another lifetime… in February of 2020. One doesn’t have burials in Maine in the winter and then covid happened and Maine locked down their borders requiring quarantining…. So here we are… finally getting up there to have a little memorial service for her…. Nineteen months later. She always used to say to us “whenever you get around to it” as if it wasn’t a huge deal. But of course, it was. It is. 

It has been over eleven years since I was back to the cemetery and even longer for my parents…. As in decades, long... I stopped by Mainscapes to get some mums to plant at her grave and my Poppop’s. I like to think that for years to come they will bloom and grow and brighten up an otherwise dark corner of the cemetery…

There isn’t much to say. We paid our respects. We planted the mums. We cried. Such a great life she led…. What we did was not worthy of that life she led… but we were there, one last time. I am forever grateful she is back home in Maine and back with my Poppop. This day later on was full of great memories of Maine and our childhood so many of which involved them…. But this morning was about her and all that she meant to us. We miss you always and love you forever! The both of you!