an etters farm day!

We did this last year and it just had to be repeated! Much to Toniel’s manfriend’s chagrin I am sure! The same group of usual suspects went, totally somewhere around 21 of us! We had the kids choose their pumpkins first and get the messy bits of painting out of the away before they took off into the corn maze. And take off they did! I’m not sure how many times they all went through it but there was definitely a lot of squealing and running happening. Then the tractor rolled up with a wagon full of hay for quite the ride! In my mind Zach hears none of the racket coming from behind him he just zens out to Enya or some such thing! After all that fall fun was done we headed to a nearby restaurant that someone could handle a party of our size. What a night! Doing all the things! Thanks so much to Zach for having us and to Toniel for organizing it!