the first day back to school

Well we survived the first week… despite Hurricane Ida and early dismissals and two hour delays the kids had two full days trying to learn the ropes in between. And if the past year and a half has taught us anything is that these kids are quite resilient and adaptable!

The first day was like any other except not quite, because as we pulled away from the elementary school it was just the boys we saw walking in together… for Letty now is an entirely different building. The Middle School. She walked right in though all confident and happy to be placed in a home room of sorts with our very favorite kindergarten teacher turned Middle School art teacher. Spending the day with her was something to be excited about! I volunteered to help with the first grade lunch since these first graders have never experienced the cafeteria line before (last year we delivered their lunches to them). It was chaotic but at least I got to see my three favorite elementary students! Of course I had to have a moms lunch in there too! After a very late arrival time from Letty’s bus we took the kids to our traditional after school Rita’s run!

And now we are in the middle of a four day weekend! Thank goodness!