my cousin got married and we didn’t have any fun at all

I’m kidding, obviously. Last weekend my cousin Dana got married and it was quite the deal! And such a gorgeous day! They all are still living in New York so there was the whole issue of what to do with our kids type of things…There was a lot of logistical stuff happening back here in PA to be sure thanks to my friends and their husbands! But we figured it all out and they were safely taken care of so we could go off for the first time ever without the kids! 

Over the river and the bridges and all that traffic to Mill Neck! We cleaned up nice and spent the evening eating all the good foods and dancing and of course drinking the heavy pours the bartenders passed out! The bride had not one but two dresses… there was a fountain of lobster tails and shrimp, one quite cute ring bearer in a tux, and tons of time with family after years apart! And we had fun, Matt and I, even with the kids hours away!

It was such a beautiful wedding and I wish nothing but the best to the bride and groom! Congrats guys!!!

And of course all the fun back home that the kids were having thanks to these humans! They did not want to come home with us the next day!