finishing out labor day…

Weeks and weeks later. Heading back to school has been rough on the Olsen Family. We rush from place to place and down time is rare… so here I am, finishing up the holiday posts. 

And naturally, the post kicks off with pumpkins. I worked the entire week after Labor Day and my mom and sister didn’t want to wait till after that to get our pumpkins and I don’t blame them. So we hit our local farm up on Saturday morning to get them… friends of ours from college and their kids came over for a bbq and brought their GoPro and all the fun that entails! Sunday Letty joined Matt and I for her very first spin class! Then we buckled down with my sister and her family and got twelve dozen ears of corn ready for winter…. It isn’t the most glamorous of jobs but we sure appreciate the world come the cold month! Not a typical holiday weekend but when the weather has other plans you just have to roll with it….