a long labor day weekend, day one.

We really packed all the things in on the kids’ first day off from school! Letty was at a friend’s house for a sleepover the night before and we decided to meet up with that family at Hersheypark after I got done at the gym…it was a very momentous day because Dominic is now up a height category so he was able to go on a bunch of new rides (and some more than once)! He’s a big kid now! 

Then we met up with the Scheffeys at their club’s pool! And we were not asked to leave! My boys can be quite loud. Well, can’t we all? After that Rhonda cooked us an epic dinner that I am still full from followed by the first fall fire and s’mores of the season! 

But don’t let these photos fool you, my kids be in such a funk!! Call it the first week of school tiredness or whatever but there has been a lot of yelling happening on all ends…. Hopefully I am not alone!