Tubing has been on my summer bucket list for years and years and quite unlike myself I waited until the last week of summer to get it done. We headed down to Sickman's Mill which is under new ownership and finally back open after the shut down and what not for our hour and a half of tube time. Eleven of us. Eight kids. Three adults. Only who of which had the physical capacity to use both legs. We tethered ourselves all together and then figured out how to get into the river... Quite the feat. We were slow going and got stuck quite a few times but all in good fun! And the yelling. The screaming. The shouts of our impending death. I pity anyone else within any proximity to the river. David was the only causality and even that it was just a few scrapes and bumps on his back... at the end they had a bus pick us all  up and back to the starting point for drinks and some snacks! So glad that we got to do this before summer's end! And so thankful I have friends who don't judge me for yelling at Dominic to SIT DOWN IN THE TUBE.