a final hersheypark visit. for summer.

We haven’t been to Hersheypark since June and I find that fact a bit surprising. But I suppose I shouldn’t since we did all the things this summer. So we just had to go one last time before the fall version of the park makes itself known…. We headed up there in the middle of the afternoon knowing that we wanted to try the new restaurant there, The Chocolatier. We also knew there would be quite a wait and there was, two and a half hours for a party of ten. We walked the whole way out to the end of the park and rode whatever rides we could as we made our way to the front of the park. The lines were long this day. It was all perfectly timed as we got a text our table was ready and we were right there! The drinks and food in this place were so good, albeit a wee bit pricey. But what isn’t pricey at Hersheypark? Solid night people. Solid. Night. Hersheypark in the summer? Over and out.