who david is at nine.

It never gets any easier when I write these posts and I see all the photos one right after the other... How fast time goes, right? It seems to me I have been referring to David as "nine" for quite some time in our day-to-day lives. Probably in a vain attempt to get him to act slightly more mature and stop with the fart and the poo jokes. It does not work, I am here to report, but what it does do is give me this false sense of him aging well, when in fact, he has not. Until today. He is turning nine today. One away from ten. My middle, at nine.

He has reported several times during the year 2021 that this is just not his year. And he is happy to list the reasons why. First, he needed stiches in his finger from the ice skate... and then he had to have his nail cauterized due to a slam in his Nonna's door (a nail which he then lost) and then he had to have an expander put in. So it has been a very traumatic year for that young man. And yet he still smiles. He has little to no scar to show for the ice skate incident... his nail has grown back from the door and his expander well... he has grown used to it and while it has changed the way my boy looks into a much older version of himself it is still him obviously. And he is in no pain (yay!) and is quite used to it. So it turns out it might not be the worst year ever for my David. Let that be the mantra for the next five months. The people at urgent care are starting to recognize me. 
School was a welcome sight. He loves math and I'll just leave this right here that self-paced math might be his love language. He would compete with his new best friend Reagan to see who could get to the highest level and his teacher had to make new levels for the two of them so. Ask him how much he retained? I dare you. He is all about the graphic novels and the historical fiction (wonder where he gest that from?) and honestly it makes me so ever-loving proud to see him pull out a book and just chill and read! He missed his friends so much over the quarantine times and the routine of school and all. He kept up with many old friends and made so many new ones. He is going to love fourth grade! He also asked to play the trumpet next school year so that should be an interesting endeavor all around...
Can I still complain about his eating at the age of nine? I feel like I can't. Let me just say once more: he is still a picky eater. He loves to play Fortnite, much to my chagrin. Always with the Fortnite. He is a gamer. And a baseball player oh mylanta is he ever! He got to play so many positions this year and has gained so much confidence! Turns out the boy can pitch and catch and hit..... Baseball is still his favorite sport and if there is a ball around then gird your loins and your windows because he forgets all the things when a ball is involved. David see ball. David must throw ball.
He loves to play any sport, mess around with his brother, tease his sister, play all the video games, see his friends, make new friends, ask you to spell "I CUP" and other ridiculous jokes that make him quite amused, to be in school, listen to all the music on his Alexa, do math, report out-of-this world facts that may or may not be true but with just enough confidence to make you believe him, and just be this really great kid....
David John. You are a wonder. Never forget that even in your most frustratingly irrational moments. You are a joy. You make us laugh with your wild vocabulary and all of the things you know. Even though we aren't sports people we are here to support your heart's sports desire every step of the way. We are so proud of you in every single way. I cannot wait to see where your brain and your kindness takes you! 
And if it takes you to Florida, please take us with you. But I know it will not because you claim you will live with us forever and refuse to leave your Nonna and your Pop which I mean, same.