more beaching!

On Saturday it was more of the same at the beach… Matt goes surf fishing with the rising sun, I go for a quick run, we all pack up and Matt is a Sherpa on the way to the beach. And then we sit and read and watch the kids scream and jump and boogie board the day away…. 

Have you heard of the Scopes people? Relentless college students who take photos and then you go to the Scopes place and spend a ton of money on a telescope key chain? Well she sure had our number! I told her if she could get the kids out of the water for photos have at it. And well, she is a professional and got so many cute photos! Naturally we went to the store and ninety bucks later had ourselves some Scopes and some photos! 

This was the night we all celebrated the summer birthdays too! Cake and singing and presents! The night wrapped up with good sky and some sparklers!