david’s friend birthday party

Otherwise known as day one of three celebrating this kid turning nine... Because a birthday should last three days, correct?

I picked up David and two of his friends early from camp and brought them home to lots of snacks and treats and pool swims and quite a few other boys joined as well. Thankfully the weather held off and no one died. I’m not dramatic at all am I? They were actually a lot calmer than I had imagined so I figure my son knows how to pick good boys to be friends with. He wanted red icing on his cupcakes but we ran out of food coloring so they were pink… I threw some red sprinkles over them to make them less…. Girlie. I think he forgave me. None of them minded though so I consider myself lucky. The boys sang to him and then it was gift time! He got so spoiled by them as well! What a lucky dude!

Thanks to all who came and swam and gifted David with all the things!