and then the beaching continued…

We always spend Father’s Day weekend in Ocean City, Maryland with Matt’s aunt and uncle. And seeing as we were already leaving the Outerbanks that weekend anyways we just went straight there while the rest of my family headed back to PA... Just shy of five hours and one terrifyingly long bridge (I see you Chesapeake Bay Bridge. I see you and I hate you.) later we arrived at 11:34 pm. Just ask David. 

The next day we headed right out on the boat to watch the annual air show. The weather wasn’t amazing but at least the rain stayed away... Matt grilled and the kids swam and jumped on the tube, etc. And of course when we headed back to their house David took a turn at the wheel as he loves to do. And the day ended with a beautiful sky!

Oh! And Happy Fourth of July! I'm still in June. Sorry!