and on david’s actual birthday…

We went back to an old favorite of ours, Dutch Wonderland. We had gotten free tickets at the Barnstormers game and David was chomping at the bit to get there and go on Merlin’s Mayhem, a ride that had not even existed when we used to have season passes there. We got right on that and then it started pouring! Matt and I hid under a tree while the kids did the turtle ride but we couldn't stay there forever.... We figured if we are wet might as well hit the water park which is when the rain stopped and the sun came out! My brother-in-law and his family have season passes and they met up with us for some water park fun at that point. I recreated a bunch of photos I had of the kids when they were toddlers and at DW because well, they are so big they don’t need me to go on slides anymore and I found myself just sitting around with naught to do. 

After awhile in the water we left to go on regular rides, all the rides! A lot of them my older two are far too tall for these days which is probably for the best as I was already spamming Instagram with my side-by-sides... And seeing those two on the pandas may have done me in.  It was such a nostalgic and fun day for all and I hope David had a blast!

We then rounded out the day with an early dinner of brown bread at JB Dawson's. His favorite. 

Happy birthday David! I am officially exhausted. And I hope you know how much you are loved buddy!!