the time i had thirteen girls in my pool

Letty didn't want the fourth grade celebrating to end so she asked if she could have a pool party on the last day of school as the girls had a half day. So I naturally invited every fourth grade girl I could think of and pretty much all the ones I reached out to could make it. It was quite the deal! They swam for over three hours straight. They ate 24 cupcakes (thanks Mel!). They ate countless bags of chips and popsicles. It rained for a few minutes and they didn't even seem to notice. They played dibbels. Matt got McDonald's last minute and within three minutes 60 nuggets were devoured. So I guess they were hungry? They all seemed to have such a nice time just all being together and playing and swimming. And best of all to this mama heart? Zero drama. You just never know with all these different personalities and friendships so it was awesome to see. Congrats to you all! 

And then when everyone else left to go home and everything was cleaned up Toniel and I decided we deserved a float in peace. And that is just what we did.